Festival One 2017 Hamodava Cafe

Published on 08/03/2017 by Jacob Parsons

The third ever Festival One took place over Auckland and Waikato Anniversary weekend this year. 58 music artists and bands, 28 communicators and speakers – it’s a place of opportunity for the creative arts. Festival One say it’s a celebration.

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I’ve heard many say that eventually the bird must leave the nest; this must be true for Hamodava too. Having being raised in the warmth of our Salvation Army family since our re-launch last year in September, the Hamodava team descended on Festival One. This was our first time taking the finest drinks out into the wild, so we bought 20 of our bravest (and smilley’ist) baristas and cold-drink purveyors with us to wave the Hamodava flag.


We spent days building the Hamodava Café – a nucleus at the centre of the Festival One Village. As we pulled shots, steamed milk, whizzed ice and shuffled our feet to summer tunes, we were provided the perfect vantage spot from which to view the life of the festival. It afforded a great shaded view of the Village stage so we could cheer on those gusty instrumentalists and singers. The café being placed right next to main thoroughfares meant that at least every festival goer would walk past us at some point. We greeted the weary in the early hours, who desired a Hamodava to awaken the soul; Scribbled down the carefully communicated order of the hipster requiring that triple-shot-cortado-extra-hot; That one festival goer who was still ordering coffee when most had gone to bed; Right down to the last drop as patrons craved our coffee nectar; buying the final bottle of cold brew in the fridge. As we rubbed shoulders with punters we could share with them a hello, a smile or perhaps the story of how Hamodava came to be.


An old piece of artwork that advertised Hamodava proudly exclaimed ‘it cheers you on the way!’ Its old language now, but the sentiment still stands. I recall how I was once told that coffee machines are the new camp fire; they’re gathering points where communities circle. Spend an hour or two as a barista on a busy machine and you’ll see just how true this is. Many stories have been swapped over our machines over the weekend. Sharing over a cup of coffee seems like the perfect match for a weekend that’s sings the praises of celebration. What draws us at Hamodava to serve great coffee is the way it provides connection between Barista and coffee sipper, in every step. From the kinesthetic craft work involved in creating the perfect brew, to that moment we hand the cup over the top of the machine into your hands. So cheers to you Festival One, thank you for providing a weekend of community, music and connection.




Published on 08/03/2017 by Jacob Parsons